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How to bulk update Youtube description [like a Pro]

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Are you looking for a way to bulk update YouTube description in selected or all videos? Let me show you how to do that in the below post.

YouTube has inbuilt but limited features to bulk update Youtube description for selected videos. But this feature is still unknown to most of the YouTubers.

Let’s explore and see how you can easily do basic bulk edit YouTube description.

This feature on YouTube is very helpful if you want to

It comes in handy when you want to add subscription link at the end of videos, call to action link at the beginning of videos or want to remove the unwanted text(or URL).

Follow the below steps to bulk update YouTube description.

Bulk update YouTube description with inbuilt options

Step 1: Select videos for bulk update

Go to all videos section. Select the videos that you want to update. If you want to bulk update all videos then click on the “Select All” option to select all videos.


Step 2: Select description for Bulk edit

After selecting the videos, click on Edit option and select “Description” from the drop-down.


Step 3: Select options from the description for bulk edit

Select what type of bulk edit you want to perform on the selected videos. Then enter the text that you want to update in the textbox.

Insert at Beginning –> Entered text will be inserted at the beginning(Very first line) of YouTube description

Insert at End –> Entered text will be inserted at the end(last line) of YouTube description

Replace all –> Entered text will replace the existing YouTube description

Remove –> Find the entered text in the YouTube description and remove it.


Step 4: Bulk update YouTube Description

Once you are done with what type of action you want to perform, click on Update videos on the top right(in the above image) to apply the changes on the selected videos.

It’ll take a few seconds to bulk update the description.

That’s it! You are done with the bulk update.

Why inbuilt bulk update YouTube description is not sufficient?

Four options that we saw on the YouTube inbuilt feature is very basic and not suitable for Pro YouTubers who want to do the advanced bulk update.

Here are the few things most of the YouTubers needed including myself

Exactly like the below one

Same as below


These are the advanced bulk update feature I frequently use and I can manage to do this simple chrome plugin called TubeBuddy.

TubeBuddy is all in one YouTube channel management and SEO optimization tool. It’s a one-stop solution for keyword research, YouTube tag suggestion, keyword rank tracking, video A/B testing and much more.

If you wondering what else you can do with TubeBuddy, you can explore the features below


Explore 64+ Tubebuddy Features


Let’s see how to bulk update YouTube description with TubeBuddy

Bulk update YouTube description with TubeBuddy

Install TubeBuddy on your chrome/Mozilla Firefox browser. Give access to TubeBuddy by selecting your YouTube channel where you want to do bulk edit.

It’ll automatically synch with YouTube Dashboard and you can able to see the TubeBuddy icon on your YouTube dashboard upper right corner.

That’s it. Now, let’s see how to bulk update YouTube description with TubeBuddy.


Step 1: Select options from Bulk meta update

Now, you can see the option “Bulk meta updates”  below the YouTube channel search box as shown below. Click on “Titles and Description” link.

Step 2: Bulk Find/ Replace/ Append dialog box

You should see “Bulk Find/Replace/Append” dialog box. If you click on the “Action” drop-down, it’ll list the below options


These bulk update YouTube description options are self-explanatory but still, let me explain those options in detail.

Find Text -> It’ll find the given text and list all the videos which contain the given text.

Find and Replace Text –> You need to pass two inputs (Find text and replace text). It could be text/numbers/URL or combination of all. It’ll just replace the find text with replacing text on the selected videos.

Insert after Text –>  If you want to insert text or paragraph after certain text or words. You can give the existing text or words as a reference and text you want to insert in the Append text box. It’ll automatically insert the text in a new line after the reference text.

Insert before Text –> It works in the same way as  “insert after text” but the only difference is it insert before the reference text.

Remove/ delete text –> If you want to remove any text from YouTube description, you can give the text and select this option.

Add Text to End of Description –> It’ll add the given text at the end of  YouTube description. You can use this option to include subscription link or playlist URLs.

Insert text at the beginning of Description –> It’ll add the given text at the beginning of YouTube description. You can wisely use to insert Call To Action links and affiliate links or send traffic to your website/blog.

Replace entire description —> You need to give the new description as input and select the list of videos. It’ll replace the existing YouTube description with a new description.

Step 3: Let’s do find and replace on YouTube description

Let me show you how to do find and replace text on YouTube description. So, you’ll have a better understanding of how this feature works.

I want to find “Stay Tuned &subscribe to” and replace it with “Stay updated & subscribe“. I’ve just used the word “updated instead of “Tuned‘ and added space after character &.

So, I’ve picked the “Find and Replace text” option from the Action drop down. Gave the text  “Stay Tuned &subscribe to” in the find text box and “Stay updated & subscribe” in the Replace text box as shown below.

Note: I want to do this find and replace only on YouTube description so I haven’t selected “Titles” checkbox. If you want to apply this change on Title as well then you can select the Title checkbox.

Click on continue to proceed further.


Step 4: Select videos for bulk update YouTube description

Unlike the YouTube default feature, you have plenty of options to select the videos. You can select by video ID, by playlists, by text match, and by recently uploaded videos. You can also select videos from the list.

I want to apply these on all videos. So, I’ve selected the first option. Click on Continue to apply these changes on YouTube description.


Step 5: Confirm the update

You just to need to confirm by selecting “Yes, do it” checkbox and click on the start button.


That’s it! You are done. The process takes a few seconds to complete and your changes will be applied to the selected videos.

You cannot do this with inbuilt bulk update YouTube description features.

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