This is a short list of amarindaz frequently asked questions. 

What is amarindaz?

Amarindaz, launched in 2016, is a tech, coding, how to guides and blogging tips site. Here, you’ll find useful tutorials on autoit, excel macro, java & google apps script, product reviews, blogging, monetization tips and video tutorials.

Who is the author of amarindaz?

This site is written by Rajan Elangovan. He holds bachelor’s degree in engineering and working in private corporate firm as system analyst engineer  Visit Rajan Elangovan to know more about him.

How do I subscribe to amarindaz?

You can subscribe to our newsletter to get latest updates on what’s trending in amarindaz. You can also subscribe for Youtube and like amarindaz facebook page.

Where does the word “amarindaz” come from?

Amarindaz has no special meaning. Even if you search it on google you’ll end up here. This is the reason why it was named as amarindaz. Yes, it’s just for SEO purpose.

How you’re monetizing the site?

By selling my own digital products like software, utility tools & books, being an affiliate for other products available on ShareASale & Clickbank and displaying ads.

Do you accept guest post?

Yes, we accept guest post if your topic matches with categories listed in Q1. Also, we do have certain guidelines for accepting guest post. If you are really interested please contact us for more information.

Here is all about amarindaz frequently asked questions.If you still have any question please contact us.