How to create best selling Fiverr gigs?

In this post, I’m going to share the secrets of how to create best selling Fiverr gigs. If you are new to Fiverr or you don’t know what is Fiverr? –

Fiverr is a global online marketplace that offers tasks and services starting at a cost of $5. It is widely used by Freelancers to offer services to customers.

There is no limit to the type of services offered. You can find services offered for programming, blog articles, writers, artist, video editing, video editors, virtual assistants, and much more.

I’m writing this post to not disclose my revenues. But I would like to help new sellers and existing sellers to create best selling gigs.

I’m a level two seller providing programming services to my customers over the past six months and I’m doing it as part-time work.

Follow the below-listed tips to create the best selling Fiverr gigs and multiply your sales.

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create best selling Fiverr gigs

Tips to create best selling Fiverr gigs

1) Gig title

Your gig is the greatest asset for all your future income and you should be very wise in setting up the Gig.

As a new seller you can list seven gigs but creating two to three gigs is more than enough to get orders. You should first decide the type of service to offer on Fiverr and come up with a catchy title.

The title should not be more generic like “I’ll do java programming”, I’ll write blog articles” but it should very specific and to the point like “I’ll develop a utility application in java “and “I’ll write a professional travel blog articles”.

Later two titles narrow down and send only targeted customers to you. Of course, SEO plays a vital role in showing gigs in the search results.

If you are new to SEO then you can check out small insight about SEO. Make sure that your title contains keywords of the service you’re going to offer.

In this case “utility application in java”, “travel blog articles” is the long-tailed keywords used to target potential customers.

2) Gig Category

Gig category decides where to show up your gig in the search result based on the buyer search query.

When you start typing the gig title your suggested category will be displayed automatically in the Gig Category based on the keyword used in the gig title.

You may select any one of the suggested categories or if you feel it’s not apt for your service then you can change the category and subcategory manually by selecting a suitable one from the dropdown.

Make sure that category and subcategory should match with Gig title.

3)Gig description

Gig description is the crucial part of your entire gig. A customer decides whether to choose your service or not by looking at the description part.

You can write a description of up to 1200 characters.

Mostly Buyers never read the full description but they used to skim your description part so to make it easy you should list down your service description in bulletin points.

If any of your bulletin points match with buyer requests then they take the next step to place an order or contact you. You can also take a look at my best selling gig.

4) Gig tags

Gig tags work in a similar way to Youtube and blog post tags. You can add up to five gig tags. It basically makes it easy for buyers to find your gig in the search result and also helps in categorizing your gigs.

In first two tags give the two main keywords of your gig and in next three tags give the alternative keywords which help buyers to land on your gig. There is nothing wrong with checking the competitor’s tags.

5)Gig Price

If you are a new seller then you must start at $5 to attract more customers. Delivery time defines the number of days it’ll take to complete the order.

Delivery time for the gig may vary upon the type of service you’re going to offer but buyers always want to do their task as soon as possible. So, always go for the shortest possible delivery time. Don’t forget to include the number of revisions for your service.

Few customers won’t get satisfied at the very first shot so you need to change your delivery accordingly to match their expectations.

6) Gig Requirement

I personally don’t use this option to get requirements from the customer. 90% of the buyers will place the order only after getting the confirmation from the sellers.

Just to be on the safer side you can enable this option to get the requirement from buyers.

7) Gig Gallery

Most of the gig clicks are happened by looking at your Primary photo in the Gig gallery. Your gig primary image resembles the pictorial representation of the service that you’re offering in Fiverr.

You can add up to three images in the Gig gallery. You can also present your gig in video format and Fiverr claims that Gig with video sells 200% more when compared to gig without a video attached.

Gig video is the best platform to personally explain your service to buyers.

All done! You can click the “Publish gig” button and let the world know about the service.

Finally don’t forget to promote your gigs to various social media like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, etc.,

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