How to get Paid from Amazon Createspace via Payoneer?

Createspace is an independent publishing platform which distributes Print on demand books, CDs and videos through Internet retail outlets, your own website, and other bookstores, retailers, libraries, and academic institutions. Also, Createspace is a part of the Amazon group of companies. You are quickly going to learn how to get paid from Createspace via Payoneer

Many independent publishers or self-publishing authors prefer Createspace over other Print on Demand (POD) service providers such as Lulu, Bookbaby, Blurb, wordplay etc. because of its valuable services offered for free of cost and it royalty plans. Even if you are complete beginners you can easily upload your manuscript to Createspace within half an hour.

If you are an ebook writer or self-publisher and haven’t yet tried POD then I strongly suggest to sign up for Createspace. You believe it or not, you can get 35-50% more profit than your ebook earnings from kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) sales.


Createspace via Payoneer

Create space have two different types of Payment option

1.Createspace Direct Deposit

Citizens from the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, and Netherlands who are having their bank account in their region can get paid by this Payment mode. There is no minimum payment threshold limit for royalty Payouts.

2. Check or Demand Draft

In case you are not from any of the countries listed in point 1 then you can get your royalty paid via Checks or Draft. You would receive three checks USD ($), GBP(£) and EUR(€). Books sold in the Amazon(US), e-store and expanded distribution are accrued in USD, books sold on Amazon(UK) are accrued in GBP(£) and books sold in rest of Europe accrued in EUR(€). Minimum threshold limit for Payout is $100 / £100 / €100 which means to get paid from Amazon US marketplace your royalty should be greater than $100 and the same will be applicable to UK and Europe marketplaces.


Now I’m going to tell you how to get the royalty from all three marketplaces using Payoneer.

Payoneer is an online payment gateway which gets your royalty on behalf of you and transfers the royalty amount to your local bank account. I’m using Payoneer for the past six months to get my royalties and funds from Createspace, KDP, Fiverr, Up work, elance etc.

You  can get $25 if you sign up with the special link given below:

Payoneer Sign Up

Note: You will get $25 if your net balance crosses $100. It is not necessary that you should get $100 at a single shot to be eligible for this offer even if you get $10, $20 etc over few transactions and the net total crosses $100 then you’re eligible for this offer. If you are not getting $25 after your transaction crosses $100 do contact me with your Payoneer emailId.


In this post, I’ve explained in a very detailed manner about the Payoneer sign up and how to use Payoneer to get your royalty from KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

Non US author or Publisher use Payoneer to get Royalty from KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)


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I believe now you are very clear with how to use Payoneer account set up. Login to your Payoneer account and go to Global Payment Service. Select USD currency and note down your US bank name, Routing Number (ABA), Account Number, account type and beneficiary name. Let’s dive into the topic on how to update your Createspace account with your Payoneer bank details. (ACA CreateSpace via Payoneer)

Login to Createspace account. Go to My account -> Royalty Payment information.

Createspace via payoneer account settings 1

Scroll down the page and at the bottom, you can find an “Edit” button. Click on it to change your payment type from check to Direct deposit. Now your royalty payment profile will open in edit mode and ask you to update the changes.

Createspace via payoneer bank account details 2

Under the payment information select payment type as Direct Deposit, bank account location as the United States, enter Payoneer bank account number in the Bank account number field, enter Payoneer routing number in the Bank Routing number field, select Bank Account Type as Checking and enter the beneficiary name in the Name on Bank Account field.

Createspace via payoneer details update 3


Finally, don’t forget to click the save button. That’s it you’re done. You’re all set to get payment from Createspace via Payoneer. From the next cycle onward, you’ll get payout directly to your local bank account.

Click the link below to sign up for Payoneer


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