Find out how To Auto Publish Videos From Youtube To Facebook

In this post, we are going to see how to auto publish videos from YouTube to Facebook.

As a Youtuber, everyone want traffic for their newly uploaded videos and Facebook is one such tool which gives free traffic to your YouTube videos either through Facebook page or profile.

Can I post a YouTube video directly on Facebook?

Of Course! No one want to upload videos to YouTube and then go to fb and post the video once again. It’s a kind of tough and repetitive process. Let’s see how To Upload Video to Facebook Directly From YouTube.

There is an easy way to automatically share youtube videos on facebook with a chrome extension Tubebuddy right from your youtube dashboard.

It has different features for youtuber and one such feature is to publish video to facebook.

You can explore the entire list of Tubebuddy features here.

Explore 64+ Tubebuddy Features


How To Auto Publish Videos From Youtube To Facebook ?

Sign Up and Install Tubebuddy on your chrome browser.

Go to Youtube dashboard and at the top right you can see Tubebuddy icon (TB). Click on it and you can see the options as shown below


How To Auto Publish Videos From Youtube To Facebook


Select the option My Videos.


How to Post a YouTube Video to Facebook


Just click the video that you want to upload , and then click the tubebuddy extension next to edit option.


Can I post a YouTube video on Facebook



Under syndicate section, you can see publish to Facebook. Click on the link.


How do I upload a video from YouTube to Facebook


You can see multiple options under publish video to facebook menu, you can select based on your preference.  

Select your facebook account or page- You need to associate your FB page or profile for the very first time.

Title and Description- It’ll be auto populated from your video

Publish – You have an option to publish now or save as draft or publish in future with scheduled date and time.


How To Upload Video to Facebook Directly From YouTube  5


Finally, choose the video file that need to be uploaded and click publish to facebook on the right corner. That’s it! You are done.

How to Share a YouTube Video on Facebook 6


You can see a popup message as shown below.


auto post youtube videos to facebook page


Your video will be automatically published to Facebook using Tubebuddy in few minutes. You can check out that in your Facebook page. Just don’t stop with it. After you have uploaded videos, you should also continuously monitoring the ranking for keyword in Youtube

automatically share youtube videos on facebook




Install Tubebuddy For Free


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Note: You need a star level licence to use this feature.

What is your way to publish Videos From Youtube To Facebook?

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